Waikato Gundog Club

Waikato Gundog Club was established in 1976 and is affiliated with the New Zealand Gundog Trials Association and the New Zealand Kennel Club.


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NZ Gundog Trial Association


 All official gundog trials are held under the auspices of the New Zealand Gundog Trial Association  see http://www.nzgta.co.nz/

Full regulations are available on their website. 

WGDC Roughshooters' Trial 2015 - Results

27th April

Cemetery Road, Whatawhata

 Our annual Roughshooters' Trial was held in very wet weather this year.   Electronic release devices did not enjoy the conditions so shorter courses were the order of the day and clay shooting was sadly abandoned.   Many thanks to our hard working judges, hardcore competitors and indomitable committee who we hope could get home and dry in reasonable time.  


 1st  Molly - Tahi Spinks  

2nd   Kora - Tahi Spinks

3rd  Oak - Eugenie Clapham


1st  Koha - John Menneer

2nd  Ruby - Chris Swanwick

3rd  Connie - Sue Williams 

WGDC Championship Gundog Trials 2015 - Results

7th & 8th February
Karakariki Road, Whatawhata.
All Breeds Championship
1st GR FT CH Pheasant Grove Text Me at Sandford QC  (Labrador)  D. Murray
2nd GR FT CH Inlers Gruff of Peplow (Springer Spaniel) J. Fritchley
3rd  Caderyn Fridolyn (Cocker Spaniel) T. Finlay 

Retriever Championship
1st Glenmarric the Chadster (Labrador) D. Murray
2nd Sandford Kayla Rose (Labrador) K. Murray
3rd Elrond of Eastonpark QC (Labrador) C. Appleton 
Limit Retriever
1st  Karas Gem of Eastonpark (Labrador) K. Barber
2nd  Skeinvalley Ash (Labrador)  L. Clapham
3rd  Skeinvalley Hawthorn (Labrador)  T. Spinks. 
Novice Retriever
1st  Xtreme (Chesapeake Bay Retriever) T. Borrell
2nd  Zeus of Strathmore (Labrador) G. Page
3rd  Skeinvalley Ash (Labrador) L. Clapham 
Puppy Retriever
1st Skeinvalley Tweed (Labrador) E. Clapham 
Spaniel Championship
1st GR FT CH Inlers Gruff of Peplow (Springer Spaniel) J. Fritchley
2nd Breckinridge of Hague  (Springer Spaniel) B. Shotter
3rd Comet of Peplow  (Springer Spaniel) P. O'Connor

Novice Range Find and Flush
1st Kip (Springer Spaniel)  J. Smith
2nd Buzz  (Springer Spaniel) T. Anderson
3rd Borderreiver Coldstream (Cocker Spaniel) T. Finlay 
28th February  
Karakariki Road, Whatawhata.

Pointer & Setter Championship
1st  Kilsheelan Red Frill QC (Irish Setter) R. Gaskin
2nd  Kylemore Irish Billy QC (Irish Setter) D. Sheely
3rd  FT CH & F CH Gamemaster Tanner (imp Aust) QC  R. Gaskin
Pointer Setter Novice
1st  Atlas Ridgerunner QC  (GSP) M. Robinson
2nd  Coldcoats Kiwi QC  (Irish Setter)  R. Gaskin
3rd  Willowgrove Still Wasser QC (GWP)  H. Sansome
HPR (club award - aggregate of P&S plus land & water retrieves)
1st  Willowgrove Still Wasser QC (GWP) H. Sansome.

North Island Gundog Trial Championships 2014

After a twenty year break from running official trials Waikato Gundog Club agreed to host the NI Gundog championships in October 2014. 

Fabulous new grounds were made available at Whatawhata and Otorohanga and the committee managed the organisational challenges extremely well.  The weekend was a successful one and we look forwards to running our next championship trials in February.