Waikato Gundog Club

Waikato Gundog Club was established in 1976 and is affiliated with the New Zealand Gundog Trials Association and the New Zealand Kennel Club.


Two very successful Championship Gundog Shows were run by the club last weekend at The Point, Ngaruawahia in conjunction with Huntly Kennel Associations two All Breeds shows.  Entries were very good indeed and only exceeded by the jubilee show two years ago.  Many thanks to our generous sponsors RD Petfoods and Mighty Mix who produce excellent nutrition for all working and pet breeds.


Saturday 7th Sept.  Judge - Robin Mackintosh NSW

BIS - CH Lanascol Question Answered IS

RIS - CH Rustledene Beaujolais GR

Baby Puppy - Lynmaken Walkabout T'Moon CS

Puppy - Rosegreen Queen of the Dance GR

Junior - CH Bayparque Filius Flitwick ClS

Intermediate - Sgurr Pheenix Risin P

NZ Bred - CH Azzaro Riders on the Storm GS

Open - CH Lanascol Question Answered IS


Sunday 8th Sept.  Judge - Robert Surman SA

BIS - GR CH Taniwha Mahutonga ESS

RIS - CH Kavandale Take A Chance On Me GR

Baby Puppy - Gofetch Elegant Ambrosia GR

Puppy - Chesterhope Gorgeous George P

Junior - CH Bayparque Filius Flitwick Cl S

Intermediate - CH Birchlands Royal Romance ESS

NZ Bred - Aust/NZ CH Artique September Rain GR

Open - GR CH Taniwha Mahutonga ESS



We held two successful gundog shows last weekend.  Entries were on the low side which was a little dissapointing.  However, despite the weather forecast we were able to stay mostly dry if a bit chilly and windblown!  Congratulations to our winners, very many thanks to our sponsor Bombay Petfoods (Jimbos) who provided some popular prizes and to our judges who travelled from Australia for the weekend.


                    Saturday 8th September - Ulla Greenwood (QLD)        Sunday 9th September - Dawn Lane (QLD)

BIS              CH Karamu Time to Dream (Irish Set.)                         Robwyn All-Blacks-Dream (Pointer)

RBIS           Aus/NZ GR CH Chesterhope State of T Art (Pointer)    Asterix Hero of Folkvangr (H Viz)

B. PUPPY  Azzaro Black Rumour at Weblyn (Gordon Set.)      Hawkwood No Cloud to be Seen at Sandlewood (GR)

PUPPY       Dovedale Black Caviar (Cocker)                                  Bryndoain Just too Cool at Brynmor (W. Springer)

JUNIOR      NZ CH Ltrend Knock Your Spots Off (Am. Cocker)       Robwyn All-Blacks-Dream (Pointer)

INT.             CH Briongloid Morgson at Weblyn (Gordon Set.)       Trevalley Super Hero (Flat Retriever)

NZ Bred     Aus/NZ GR CH Chesterhope State of T Art (Pointer)    Jagdhunde Norwestern-N-Black QC (GSP)

OPEN        CH Karamu Time to Dream (Irish Set.)                         Aus GR CH Bushman No Trouble Flying  (Flat Ret.)


If you  would like photos sent to you please EMAIL ALIESHA   .. [email protected]



BEST IN SHOW - CH Karamu Time to Dream


RESERVE  - Aus/NZ GR CH Chesterhope State of T Art



 BEST IN SHOW - Robwyn All-Blacks-Dream

 RESERVE - Asterix Hero of Folkvangr




Waikato Gundog Club Championship Shows 10th & 11th September 2011

This year's shows were extremely well supported with entries of over 200 each day.  This was largely due to Huntly Kennel Association's 75th Anniversary which prompted them and us to appoint judges from worldwide. Our judges were Manuel Queijeiro (Mexico) and Joy Huntley (Canada) who both proved popular with the handlers and efficiently judged the large numbers of dogs in front of them.

Results as follows:-

                       Saturday - Manuel Queijeiro (Mexico)                    Sunday - Joy Huntley (Canada)
BIS                 Kavandale Take a Chance on Me (Golden Ret)          Chesterhope Walk Away (Pointer)
RIS                 GR CH Suedanka Dared to Dream (Cocker)              Aust CH Chesterhope At the Top (Pointer)
Baby Puppy  Kavandale Carolina Moon (Golden Ret)                       Silverton Okos Zsofia (Vizsla)
Puppy            Robwyn Limited Edition (Pointer)                                 Kavandale Just a Rumour (Golden Ret)
Junior            NZ CH Penita Can U Feel The Magic (Cocker)           Chesterhope Walk Away (Pointer)
Intermediate  Kavandale Take a Chance on Me (Golden Ret)         CH Azzaro Sweet Nostalgia (Gordon Setter)
NZ Bred         Jetsun Sweetheart (Labrador)                                     Aust CH Chesterhope At the Top (Pointer)
Open             GR CH Suedanka Dared to Dream (Cocker)              Aust/NZ CH Ltrend Beyond Belief (Am Cocker)
Very many thanks to our sponsors Petworkz and our hosts Huntly Kennel Association; several of the exhibitors commented on the quantity of the prizes and the quality of the show.
Please see the note below.  We are seeking members who may be able to be lightly involved in the running of our shows.  Nothing huge but some small tasks which could be spread around little more!

WGDC Championship Gundog Shows

Waikato Gundog Club runs two back to back Championship Gundog Shows each September in conjunction with Huntly Kennel Association's back to back All Breeds Shows.   The shows represent a significant income for the club as we are not actively running gundog trials at this time.   We currently contract out the administration of entries etc so most of the show organisation is straightforward co-ordination of officials and the essentials over the show weekend.

The committee welcomes input from our showing members into the administration and running of the shows.  This is your club and we would like to reflect this in the organising committee for the show.

Please contact Helen Sansome 07 826 7525 if you are interested in getting involved.


SHOWING GUN DOGS - by Jenny Hawthorn

I’ve been ‘gone to the dogs’ for quite a number of years now and I keep thinking of the old song “I’ve been everywhere man ..”. Except I am not talking towns; I am talking dog activities. I have to admit I have not tried Schutzhund – they said I could not do it with my various Vizslak and I suspect my old GSP and farm dogs would have done no better. But I (and/or my dogs) have done hunting , tracking, field trials, obedience, agility, flygility, Tux Wonder Dogs, obedience / agility dog training (handler instructing J), NZCEA Certificate in animal (dog) training, professional dog training, puppy classes, Massey dog behaviour papers, breeding .. oh yes .. and showing. Mostly successfully.

One big thing this all has shown me how much more I have to learn .. but over the years I have learnt one apparently unchangeable fact: the moment you put a Gun Dog into a show ring it loses any ability to hunt! IT MUST BE SO!! So many people (who do not put their dogs in show rings) assure us that show dogs cannot hunt. I’m not sure why mine have never followed this rule .. but I keep waiting.

HOWEVER for those of you who have faith in your dogs ability and want to have a bit of fun .. read on ...

Like all sports there are levels of dog showing. And like all sports, often the really nice silent majority is overshadowed by a not so nice few. So let’s forget the few .. and look at why the rest are there and what goes on.

Although I must say ... they are NOT silent. These are dog people, they adore their dogs, many have bred their dogs and most others done heaps of research and paid good money for their dogs. They are proud owners. And they enjoy having new people to chat to. Win or lose most have a lovely day out. The vast majority do not nit pick or criticise others dogs. They enjoy their day out with their dogs and with like minded people and get to see a heap of dogs. And sometimes they actually win .. or see friends win .. and sometimes they see ones who do not deserve it win but get over it.

BUT they still have a day catching up with friends, fresh air, dog socialisation and often a great lunch!

What is breed showing? Many call it a beauty parade and it can resemble that. In reality, a dog show should work alongside other dog activities. What a judge should be (and most judges are) looking for in a dog show is correct STRUCTURE. If you have a dog who you expect to hunt or do agility with or round up stock or fight off predators there are specific structural necessities to ensure this is done easily and efficiently.

Depending on the breed and it’s ‘designed’ function there are also differing temperaments required.

Our gundogs need to work with people therefore should be friendly and open to a wide range of people. Guarding dogs should be more reserved. If you want a dog to help you find or retrieve game it may have to be out in rough territory all day. One who is not structurally correct may not deal well with this. One with a guarding temperament may ensure you always need to hunt alone or one who goes lame 25 kilometres into the bush may need carrying home. These are very simplistic ways to look at a big picture.  But this is a large part of what a dog show should be looking for.

The practicalities? Each breed is split between sexes and then into age groups. Boys go first .. so we have baby puppy boys of breed Acme all compete for Baby puppy boy, then puppy, Junior, Intermediate, NZ Bred (ok this is a dumping ground for those with things like two of the same age who want them separated) and Open (all ages). The winners of each age compete for best dog and then the winners of each age and the reserve boy from the age who won best dog compete for reserve dog. Then we go through it all again with the girls for Best Bitch and Reserve Bitch. Then best dog and Best Bitch go head to head for Best of Breed. Don’t run away .. there are more placings for each age after that but trust us to ensure we tell you on the day.

After each breed has been judged the best of each breed compete for Best of Group (or in the case of a ‘specialty’ show like Waikato Gundog) Best in Show. In an All Breed show the Best of Group goes on to compete for Best in Show. Again Best of Age classes for the group and show follow.

Anyone new to showing should not go home because they think they did not win .... ask first as there may be more great chances to win. Breed wins rarely have great (if any) prizes. You are competing for a small piece of cardboard called a ‘challenge certificate’. Judges can award one of these to the best bitch and best dog of each breed. They can also withhold them. This is the ‘piece of paper’ that says the judge feels that was the very best dog and bitch of that breed on the day AND they feel they are well enough put together (structure and temperament) to be of champion quality. That is what most show people are seeking. 8 of these and you have the Champion title on your dog!

Sometimes you may miss the prime target but gain a great secondary one ...  prizes for group and in show wins can come to dogs who did not feel they did very well earlier.  They may not have won best dog/bitch or Reserve dog/bitch but they may have won best of age in a breed so get to compete for best of age of group. Wins here do not add to the dogs champion points but often result in free dog food and other prizes and a very pretty ribbon for the wall! Not to mention bragging rights!

So I really encourage you all to give it a go. Pick a show like the Waikato Gundog Club show where you know you will have a heap of friendly support. I will be there and will work at making myself available to support and help you in the ring. If required, I will even try to arrange a ‘show training’ fun day for those who want to enter but would like to learn a bit more first. Your dog does need to be NZKC registered and you do need to be a member of NZKC. Talk to me or any member of the committee for help with this if this is not already done.

Honestly .. in all the years I have been ‘mucking about with dogs’, none of mine have suddenly lost their ability to work because I put them in a show ring. I have had some lovely days and I have had some fun and made some great friends.

Why not give it a go! Help support your club AND have a totally fun day out doing something just a bit different! Who knows .. you may enjoy it and want to try again. You may even win!